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Repairs to Walton Bridge

I decided to go and take a look at Walton bridge as I had not been to see it yet and was pleased and surprised to see the repairs well under way.

I was however a little shocked to see the bricks they were using, I thought it was a listed structure and therefore would have to be in keeping, suitable materials, etc.

This is what I found:
Walton Bridge

And a Close up

Walton Bridge close up

Now I am now expert but it looks very different! They don’t appear to be the same type of brick. Obviously it will age with time but the old brick have black burnt bits on then the new ones don’t.  It looks like a nice job when you look at this.

Walton Bridge

Looking at it it might cause some confusion and this looks like a new bridge, but the Toast Rack (A56) bridge is Walton New Bridge according to Pearsons Cheshire Ring.

Here is the listing on British Listed Buildings.

The canal is open proceed with care, but the towpath is closed.