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Coal Tar products to be banned from Jan 2019

You will find it increasingly difficult to buy Coal Tar based products now due to a ban being introduced in January 2019.

Products we used to sell include;

Coflex VT ( Comastic)

Standard Black

Epicol CT

Epicol MT



The main problem most people will have is the availability of Comastic, our supplies have now run out!




Rylard Paints our main supplier of Blacking products is now recommending Rytex to be used to over coat existing Coal Tar products (except Standard Black, see below),  this is what they sent to me:




Products containing Coal Tar have been phased out of the UK market due to changes in Health & Safety Regulations.

As a result, we no longer manufacturer Standard Black, Coflex, Comastic, Epimastic MT and Epicol CT.

As the above are no longer available, Rytex should be used instead.  The only product Rytex cannot be applied on top off is Standard Black, this needs to be fully removed.

Existing Coating

Type Can be overcoated with: Water
Epicol Coal tar epoxy Rytex (Intex) Fresh & Salt
Epimastic Coal tar epoxy Rytex (Intex) Fresh & Salt
Coflex = Comastic Vinyl tar Rytex (Intex) Fresh & Salt
Standard Black Coal tar single pack Fully remove, then Rytex (Intex) Fresh & Salt


  • We have tested for both fresh and salt water immersion.
  • Over painting existing tar based products and direct to metal.
  • We found that Rytex gave the best overall results on all test areas.
  • 1 pack product – easy to use
  • non toxic and a safer solvent combination


I hope this helps!