The Trent and Mersey Canal


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When the Trent & Mersey Canal was opened in 1777, it joined the East and West Coasts of England. At 93 miles in length, it was a massive undertaking. It crossed one of the country’s major watersheds at Kidsgrove by tunnelling right through the centre of Harecastle Hill. The two mile long bore was in its day quite as great an achievement as the modern Channel Tunnel. Today’s voyage along the Trent & Mersey is one of tremendous variety. This programme DVD completely captures its essential atmosphere. The journey starts at the Western end, where the canal clings tightly to the edge of the Weaver valley through attractive heavily wooded countryside. It traverses the heart of Cheshire’s salt extraction industry, where massive land subsidence has left the canal perched on the top of high embankments. It passes right through the Staffordshire Potteries – part preserved heritage, part working pottery. It meanders through rich dairy farmlands, through brewing country and finally through the Staffordshire coal field and on to the flood plain of the Trent valley. Always fascinating and full of interest, this is another fine DVD for the bookshelf. (Run Length 57 mins)

In PAL DVD-R format, suitable for the UK, European and Australia / New Zealand markets. Will also play in laptops anywhere.

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