The Tidal Thames


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The Tidal Thames is the final part of our trilogy on the mighty River Thames. We make the challenging journey from Teddington lock to the Thames Barrier at Woolwich. The programme is full of advice for narrowboaters and navigational hints for those who may find themselves out on the tideway for the first time. There can be no more spectular and rewarding way to see our wonderful capital city than from your own narrowboat on the Thames. Our four camera coverage really gives you the feeling that you’re there, experiencing it with us and sharing the excitement of a trip that puts us close to the limit of what a narrowboat can safely do. Being swept through Tower Bridge at 8 knots into a metre high swell is the closest you’ll ever get to a white knuckle ride on a narrowboat. The London waterfront is steeped in history and packed with sites of interest. Everything has been researched in great detail in a programme that took us just a few hours to film, but 6 months to research, and even longer to edit together.

In PAL DVD-R format, suitable for the UK, European and Australia / New Zealand markets. Will also play in laptops anywhere.

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