The Grand Union: Southern Section


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This completely new programme covers the old Grand Junction Canal, from its terminus at Paddington right through to Braunston where it meets the Oxford Canal. Uniquely among England’s Waterways, this canal has two summits, one in the Chilterns just North of London and the other in Northamptonshire where it squeezes through the Watford Gap. The programme looks at the complex water supply situation that this created. The Grand Junction Canal was arguably the most important of all our waterways, linking London to the coalfields and industries of the Midlands. When it was opened, it cut 60 miles off the journey time. Although never very far away from urban centres – many of which grew to importance because of the canal – this delightful wide beam waterway takes us through pleasant rolling countryside and through the pretty towns and villages of the Shires. Even within the M25 ring, much of it remains essentially rural in character. The wide and deep waters make for excellent cruising. Whether you’re new to the Grand Union Canal, or a seasoned veteran, you’re sure to learn much of interest from this thoroughly researched and attractively filmed video …. from VideoActive. Run Length 1 hour 15 minutes.

In PAL DVD-R format, suitable for the UK, European and Australia / New Zealand markets. Will also play in laptops anywhere.

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