Rylard Rytex 5lt


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A cost-effective, high performance bodied bitumen paint for the anticorrosive protection of the underwater hulls of canal boats, with a mid-sheen finish. This type of product is often called ‘blacking’ and is widely used for canal boat maintenance. Rytex has easier application properties and longer life compared to normal bitumen paints and gives excellent protection in both fresh and salt water. It has good abrasion resistance, coupled with good flexibility to resist cracking and damage. It has good weather resistance for exposed above water areas.

Approx coverage 4.7 M2 per litre

 Coal Tar products  should never be used on top Bitumen based products , Please contact us for more information

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Rylard Undercoat Colours

Black, Cream, Dark Red, Green, Grey, MId Blue, Red, White