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This week, bottom blacking!

Its Feb half term week that means I’m blacking the bottom of the Day boat this week. I will be trying to do some work on the site but may be limited.

The Day boat is currently out on dry land at Hesford Marine’s Yard near Lymm. She was pulled out on a trolley on Friday Morning. The hull jet washed and then I set to the bottom with a grinder with a wire brush on this removed any loose stuff the jet wash hadn’t. This is a messy job, full safety gear for this!


We use a simple 2 step process (not 2 pack) we first coat the hull in Rylards Premium Protection, this is thin, for Bitumen, and has good sticking properties so it works into any imperfection, etc. The second coat is Rylards Rytex, this is like treacle and provides a good film thickness on the hull, it is also a matt finish. the third coat is, for us, premium protection gives a nice shine, some use rytex again if they want a matt finish, and that’s it. If time and condition allow I sometimes add another coat of either.

I will upload Premium Protection and Rytex this week however you will not be able to buy them online at this time as I need to find a delivery company who will deliver paint, at a reasonable cost. Here is the link to their site, we do stock it in the shop.

We are also painting the roof an gunwales of the boat, I will upload more detail on this later in the week.