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Paypal, Images and Deliveries

Last night I set up the Paypal account and tested it, the money came through to the sandbox account RESULT.

I also spent some time yesterday contacting a few suppliers to see it we can use some of their images to use on my site, so far 100%, Yes. RESULT!

Getting the images to the correct size is a bit time consuming but actually easier than I thought.

It never ceases to amaze me what plugins you can get for Woocommerce I downloaded a document printing one last night that creates PDF. I can now print of packing note for each order to send with the items, the customer will also get invoices in their emails, cool.

Not to forget, I also spent an eternity looking at shipping methods last night, who thought there would be such a difference next day £8.45 – £33.61!!!!!!!!and 3-5 days £5.18-£15.40!!!!!! best for a small parcel valued at £70 was Royal mail(guaranteed next day) and 3-5 days was MyHermes. The only problem is when you start reading the reviews for MyHermes! I have however discovered that people only complain about bad service they very rarely complement good service.

Cheers for now