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Pearsons Maps Uploaded

Started to upload some Pearson’s Companion maps today only got 4 on just sorting image sizes and wording etc first took the time, was also busy in the shop. Not sure if books/maps will sell or not maybe as and add on to another purchase, obviously people think books……. Amazon. is back up today as well, it has been off for a while as we changed hosts and then it slipped to the bottom of the list, I have had a link put on there to here.

Google analytics started working today, o my god how scary!!!!! I have had 16 new visitors i know their language, country, city, browser, operation system, screen res………. its scary to think every website you visit could be looking this information up. I just wanted to know if anybody was looking at the site!

Set up a canalstore Facebook page, and looked at linking the post to Facebook, it started to get complicated and so I decided that would be one for the future, might need some imput and a quiet room for that one.